Mail Merge Course

Mail Merge Course

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Author: Robert Stetson
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Written: Feb 2013
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Mail Merge is more than a program to mass mail letters. Easy to learn and use

Mail Merge is more than a program to mass mail letters. It can be used for a variety of purposes only limited by your imagination. The arduous task of sending out wedding invitations or Christmas cards can be made easy and automatic when you use Mail Merge.

For the task of sending out resumes with cover letters, it’s ideal. Also, the mailing of query letters along with a book or article synopsis to prospective agents can give the varying synopsis content requirements just the twist needed to personalize them.

Trying to use Mail Merge for the first time can be frustrating at best. The tutorials are cluttered with alternate scenarios and crammed with detailed variations. Yet for all the intricate detail, it’s never quite clear how to actually get the list of names and addresses onto the actual printed pages.

This tutorial leads you step by step through the process of getting Mail Merge to do the job, from creating the list to writing the document, to printing out pages and envelopes automatically.

Once you can make it work, then you can more easily learn new ways of using different formats. This is not a reference for people who already know how to use Mail Merge. This is a tutorial for people who are mystified by the process and don’t know where to begin.

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