Meditation On The Liberating Culture Of Truth

Meditation On The Liberating Culture Of Truth

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Author: Gebhard Deißler
Length: 10 page(s)
Language: English
Written: July 2013
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Keywords: cuttural conditioning and conflict, the liberation from cultural strife the culture of truth, metaphysical dimensons of culture and ingtecultural dialectics, cultural couseling and mediation, intercultural therapy, poetic prose, cultural peace and mediation induction, culture conflict management, intercultural education, training and management tool

The liberating Culture of Truth as the royal path toward human cultural peace

If man is the crown of creation shouldn’t he use the crown jewels of this royal heritage - his noblest capabilities - to reign supremely over his realm, instead of being its slave? Uncommon challenges require extraordinary measures. The realm of culture has become an extraordinary challenge.
All human endeavours to solve his social, cultural, political and psychological problems might remain unfruitful, as long as he does not - in addition to doing his best - find the humility and the greatness to put all his concerns and his total being into the hands of His Creator. This type of surrender to the Almighty’s will is - far from being a loss of autonomy by individuals and groups - the completion and the pinnacle of their destiny. When the river joins the ocean it becomes boundless, irresistible. Why put candles in the all illuminating light of the sun?
If that sounds metaphysical, just find the point of absolute stillness and quietness, the sacred space inside, where the waves of culture in your mind subside. Then the waves can remerge with the ocean of freedom that transcends cultural conditioning of the mind. ...

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