Mysterious Vanishing

Mysterious Vanishing

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Author: Musa Hashim
Length: 154 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Nov 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Mystery & Crime  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: Farida, Daura, Ade, Rawlings, Chief, Badmus

The youngest surgeon in the history of Nigeria goes missing without a trace.....

At the age of 18yrs old, Farida Daura is the youngest and one of the best surgeons in the history of Nigeria. Blessed with a high IQ, she is also considered an indispensable national treasure to the country.
On a quiet November night, Farida was reported missing by her family. The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and States Security Services (SSS) were alerted. At the order of the Presidency, a task force was put together and the greatest manhunt in the history of the country was set in motion.
After months of sleepless nights and thorough search, the task force came up with nothing substantial sending the whole country into a state of mystification.
As the clock ticked, the case of the missing national treasure slowly died. Even Farida’s family gradually embraced their fate considering her a wind that blew in and out of their lives.
Everyone was left with three unanswered questions. Where is Farida? What has happened to Farida? And why has Farida MYSTERIOUSLY VANISHED???

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About the Author

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Musa Hashim Gambo is an upcoming author. He is an indigene of Niger State, Nigeria and was born in Lagos State where he attended his primary school before completing his secondary and B.Sc. programs in Kano State.
"Mysterious vanishing" is his first novel and "Broken Diamond" is the second novel he is working on. He can be reached through his Email at
Musa Hashim Gambo kicked off his writing career at the age of fourteen by composing love poems for his girlfriends before eventually putting his creative thinking into words when he was in his second year at college where he was studying Biological sciences. In 2012 he graduated with a second class lower degree in Biological sciences from the Kano University of Science and Technology. He is 31yrs of age and from a monogamous home with three brothers and five sisters. His father is a retired civil servant of the Nigerian government.

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