Odyssey of Love

Odyssey of Love

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Author: Heidi Melua
Length: 320 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Sep 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Romance  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: Love, Romance, Relationship, Marriage, Man, Woman

My adventurous search for the man of my dreams

Wittily describing her many and varied experiences with men, Heidi Melua doesn’t mince her words. she drags even the most taboo of taboos out from under the carpet, and, with merciless candor and infectious charm, picks it apart. Heidi tells of her first great love (she was convinced that she would never be able to love anyone else), her first kiss (wet and slobbery), her first time (total disaster!), of cheating, of the greatest love sickness of all time, of a zillion messy affairs, of emotional chaos, but also of beautiful moments, of broken hearts and how, in the end, she did manage to find the man of her dreams.

A book that will amaze you, make you giggle and make you blush – and every so often, it will remind you just a little bit of yourself.

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About the Author

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Heidi Melua is a media and pr specialist living with her family in Germany.

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