Oh Auntie!

Oh Auntie!

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Author: Stephanie J Dagg
Length: 15 page(s)
Written: July 2011
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Keywords: fiction, farming, fun, adventure, children's, juvenile, family

Fashion conscious auntie who hates dirt comes to Robyn and Paul's farm

Oh Auntie! is a fun story for young confident readers. Mum and Dad have to go away for the weekend to a farming conference, so Auntie comes down from the city to mind Robyn and Paul. Auntie hates dirty farms, and the children think Auntie is boring so it looks like being a dull weekend. However, this time round, there's plenty of excitement - for good and bad reasons!

The book is entertaining and light hearted, and introduces kids to life on a farm. It's set in Ireland.

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Stephanie J Dagg | Author on XinXii.com

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I'm a llama farmer living in France, but for many years I was a desk editor for a publishing house. Since 1992 I've worked as a freelance editor, and in 1998 I began my authoring career. I've written around 30 books for children, and am now branching out into adult fiction and non-fiction. I'm married to Chris, have three children aged between 10 and 19 and an ever increasing number of animals. Check out my websites at http://www.bloginfrance.com and http://www.booksarecool.com.

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