Pirates and Raides of the Southern Shore

Pirates and Raides of the Southern Shore

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Author: T.D. Conner
Length: 216 page(s)
Written: Sep 2013
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Keywords: Pirates, Pirate, Pillage, billy lewis, stede bonnet, richard worley, blackbeard, horace alderman, high seas, british, american, maritime history, history

Near-forgotten now, the blood-stained legends of the pirates and buccaneers who…

Near-forgotten now, the blood-stained legends of the pirates and buccaneers who prowled the high seas and endless coasts of the South Atlantic during the Golden Age of Piracy, 1680 to 1720, live to burn, pillage, and destroy again in this amazing book.

Stede Bonnet, the fastidious Gentleman Pirate, who loved watching floggings; Billy Lewis, the mixed-up teenage boy pirate captain, who calmly awaited his killers in a darkened cabin after a spree of bloodlust; Richard Worley, the barroom blusterer who cut his murderous swath all the way from the East River to Charleston; Blackbeard, the Terror of the Seas, who offered his brand-new wife to his cutthroat crew for the night as their reward for bloody work well done; and Horace Alderman, who lightened his vessel by heaving the illegal aliens who paid him for passage to Florida overboard, chortling as they whirled away, screaming, tugged by the Gulf Stream's languid currents while he gargled a bottle of Cuban rum.

But the coast has seen other depredations as well, not only from pirates, but wartime invaders, our British cousins becoming 'most unruly' a time or two, and later some shocking visits from our Yankee brethren, as well.

From Calico Jack Rackham to his lady love, pirate and Carolina girl Anne Bonny, from the 54th Massachussetts Volunteers to the Friendly Pirate, read it in "Pirates and Raiders of the Southern Shore," by TD Conner

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TD Conner is a graduate of the University of Georgia. He lives on Tybee Island, GA.

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