Rich Dad Key Notes

Rich Dad Key Notes

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Author: Zack Bowman
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Written: May 2019
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You may have read two or more of Robert Kiyosaki’s bestselling books of all time

You may have read two or more of Robert Kiyosaki’s bestselling books of all time. Keeping up with so much good information with so little time in your hands isn’t that easy either, so I decided to put together all notes and famous quotes from all his public seminar speeches made to date, to help you have a recap on your favorite books you have read and would love to read. Rich Dad Key Notes has been designed to help you cover all published books to-date in just five days. This book is a summary with over 320 inspirational notes and quotes that have helped shape lives of millions of people and million dollar companies all over the world today.

The most difficult decision you have challenges with today is believing you can achieve your goals,
even I had that problem but the easiest part was achieving my goals after I attained a higher level of thinking.
I developed my mind and changed my direction of thought, I stopped procrastinating, blaming the government or the economy and even my own environment. I took action, I became my own expectation until I made it through and so can you and the Secrets of the Self-Made Millionaire will help get through if you decide to empty your glass. Your mind has a great power of creation and if you live in doubt and fear, you will definitely pass through life with nothing to show for it.
Anyone can duplicate these lessens just as thousands have done, soon as you take action and apply them to your life.

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