Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume II

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Volume II

(Illustrated English-Simplified Chinese edition)

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Author: Luo Guanzhong
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 550 page(s)
Language: English
Written: May 2016
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Historical  |  Work: Erzählung
Keywords: Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors, Lu Bu, Liu Bei, The art of war, Four classics

Three Kingdoms II

“The world under heaven, after a long period of division, tends to unite; after a long period of union, tends to divide…”

The Han dynasty is falling, the rebels and warlords fight each other for the hegemony in China. Who will bring peace to these lands?

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Written by Luo Guanzhong in the 14th century, is one of the four great Chinese classical novels. Discover it in this new edition with illustrations from MIng and Qing dynasties and the whole text in Simplified Chinese.
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