Scintillating Stories Book- 2

Scintillating Stories Book- 2

REALIZATION and other stories.

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Author: R. Jonnavittula
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 167 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Feb 2016
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Short Stories  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: Marriage is for a life-time, Love need not always be exposed and expressed, Complications from a sleep walker, Some numbers may lead to anecdotes, Destroyed ambitions of a greedy woman, Birth control operations do no harm, Valor need not be exposed, Suppressed desires may spurt out, In life, there are other qualities that are more important than beauty, Opportunities don’t get repeated, Fooling the gullible public, Sink differences, Umbrella continues to spin stories.

Short stories entertain, educate and induce readers to think and reform society.

Life is too short to gain all knowledge by personal experience; one has to learn from the experiences of others. The best way to do this is through books. A short story deals with an issue generally faced by us and interestingly shows how to tackle it. Whether you agree with the author or not it is certainly educative. Authors have a knack of casting a spell on you and attracting you to their point of view. Readers should step off from the author from time to time and reexamine author’s logic critically, to be able to decide for yourself.

This is a collection of stories; therefore I am giving a brief idea of each story.

Realization: Some persons are incapable to express or expose their love; they are often mistaken and families might get disrupted. A marriage is for a lifetime, in spite of occasional misunderstandings or lapses.
Sleep walker: Sleep walking is an ailment; the afflicted person is unaware of what the person does or what is done to the person, during such a period; it can lead to a lot of misunderstanding.
7053: Sometimes a number may prove embarrassing! It can also lead to a happy consequence.
An invasion history forgot to record: Sometimes miracles defy the greed of unjust invaders.
A Deepavali gift: Some people are prejudiced against Birth-Control operation because they fear loss of potency due to the operation.
What a marriage: There is a limit of tolerance even for a docile daughter-in-law; when the limit is crossed, she behaves differently.
No vacancy: Some persons are proud about their beauty and expect the world to accord them primacy in all matters but life has its own norms and opportunities don’t keep waiting for anyone.
Mangamma’s prowess: Some people profit by fooling gullible public. Can you blame one for adopting the same path when her husband is making merry with another woman?
Awakening: It is time that persons are judged by their characters rather than by their birth.
The umbrella: A school girl forgets her umbrella at the bus shelter; a student helps its restoration.

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About the Author

R. Jonnavittula | Author on

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Ramakanth Jonnavittula is a double Ph.D. in Mathematics and in Business Management and a Fellow of the Andhra Pradesh Akademy of Sciences. He is now retired after an active career as Professor of Mathematics at various universities in India, in USA and in Canada. He currently lives in Downers Grove near Chicago.

He was interested in literature from his college days and published stories and plays in reputed Telugu magazines. His drama Kalachakram was staged at the All India Andhra Nataka Kala Parishattu competitions at Tanuku in 1960 and was awarded four prizes, including the second prize for the script.

Visaladhra Publications published a book of his 16 short stories named Kathaguchcham in 1995. He won the second prize for the story Kanuvippu in 2008 at the competitions conducted by the American Telugu Association. He has obtained the author’s permission and translated Arthur Miller’s drama The Price into Telugu.

In addition to his extensive works in Telugu, he is the author of many books in English.
The first Editions of the books,
Stories from Andhra,
1972-A saga of change,
A paradox of life;
were published as EBooks by KDP. ‘1972-A saga of change’ was also published as an Audio Book by ACX.

Second Editions of the following books were published in print and EBook formats by TATE.
Stories from Andhra,
!972-A saga of change,
A paradox of life.
Tate also published, both in print and EBook format, his book ‘Indian stories’.
He wrote “A girl’s quest for self-realization.” a translation into English of the famous Telugu novel Terachiraju by Viswanadha Satyanarayana. He also prepared an abridged version of his translation.

His following books are now ready and are in the process of publication.
1. Change Your Destiny. (Published by Xinxii)
2. Don’t disturb a sleeping dog. (Published by Xinxii)
3. Life is a paradox. . (Published by Xinxii)
4. War accelerated liberalization. (Published by Xinxii)
5. A girl’s quest for self-realization. (Published by Xinxii)
6. A girl’s quest for self-realization (Abridged).
7. Scintillating stories- Book 1. (Published by Xinxii)
8. Scintillating stories- Book 2. . (Published by Xinxii)
9. Scintillating stories- Book 3. Published by Xinxii)
10. Scintillating stories for ADULTS. Published by Xinxii)

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