Secrets of the Sages

Secrets of the Sages

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Author: IE Castellano
Length: 360 page(s)
Language: English
Written: May 2014
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: magic, epic fantasy, elf, dwarf, fairy, dragon, archery, fantasy series

No secret lasts forever.

The magical adventure continues… Book three of the World In-between series.

Since first stepping through the portal, Berty has always found the Empire mysterious—full of secrets awaiting discovery. Revealing secrets comes with a price, especially magical secrets. His world begins to unravel. Unless Berty exposes the ancient magical secrets the Seven High Sages concealed from history, he could lose everything and everyone he loves.

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About the Author

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IE Castellano is an American author and poet living in the Eastern United States. Falling in love with the mechanics of the English language at an early age, she started writing poetry before venturing into fiction. She loves history (especially ancient), mythology, archeology, and anthropology. Anything IE reads, sees or does could wind up in one of her books in some manner. With her propensity to ask, what if, she writes speculative fiction—authoring the dystopian sci-fi novel, Tricentennial, and the contemporary epic fantasy series, the World In-between.

For news and a current list of her writings, visit her blog:

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