Snake Scape

Snake Scape

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Author: Mixy Boothroyd
Length: 3 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Aug 2016
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Historical  |  Work: Erzählung
Keywords: Furry, Anthro, Werewolves, Werecheetah, Weresnake, Author main character, Female protagonist, Female protagonists, Anti-Hero, Anti-Villain protagonists, Trangressional fiction, Action themed plot, Present day America, Civil rights, Animal rights

“Tell me why I really shouldn’t just eat you up along with your bullshit lies"

“I said, can I help you, Mr. Linton?” Jenni repeated in a more coarse tone at the awkward pause from Donna’s douchebag father, Daniel Linton as he stared dead in her eyes at her and all the rest of us behind the front door and the living room, putting on his best and most sad attempt at a poker face in order to cover up the growing sense of dread and fear which I could purely smell deep inside of him.

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Mixy Elaine Boothroyd, also known as Penelope "Penny" Elaine Tawret is a female Weresnake (also being reborn as a female Ball Python snake and only a female ball python snake) and writer.

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