TEFL Teacher in Thailand

TEFL Teacher in Thailand

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Author: Alan Little
Length: 31 page(s)
Written: Apr 2013
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Keywords: TEFL; Thailand; Education; Teacher conduct; Thai culture; Visa requirements; Student behaviour

Teaching in Thailand can be a very enjoyable and successful career for the right

Teaching in Thailand can be a very enjoyable and successful career for the right person. It is a huge decision to give up and leave all that you had in your own country when you have no idea what you are likely to face or come up against. Many native speakers of English come to Thailand holding the view that teaching is easy, well it isn’t and this short guide will help you on your way.
The book explains Teacher code of practice, attitude, manners and dress. What they can expect to face and how to deal with certain teaching situations. Teacher working hours, holidays, contracts, health care, visa requirements and possible earnings are written about. How much it is likely to cost to study a TEFL course and what their living expenses are possibly going to be before they actually start making any money.
The book does not name any Thai schools or TEFL training centers.

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Alan was born in Manchester, England in 1956. He spent 35 years working in production engineering.

In 2007 he moved to Bangkok where he now works as an English teacher at a Government High School.

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