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The Beatles, the music and I

The Beatles, the music and I

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Author: Eckhart Landes
Length: 11 page(s)
Written: Dec 2013
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Category: Art » Music  |  Work: Story / Narration
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An essay about the Beatles, their music and their fascinating melodies

Every era brings with it change and new creations. Whether they are of much significance, or after a few years disappear into darkness, is not in our hands. All that remains is history – history of the times. ...

For five decades, writing the Beatles music history and triggered a revolution of youth. Even years later, their songs sounded fresh and new. The songs of the Beatles to solve today due to different perceptions of one's own life story. Where can come, is described in this text from a personal perspective and examined.

One wonders what is the one that can last as long over decades and over again is marketable. Is it really the music of the Beatles, or is it the mystery of a time when the standing order and the outbreak of an entire generation in the foreground? In this essay, the fascination of music by the Beatles themselves in comparison to the music of JS Bach presented characterizing.
Even the contract between the Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein seems to have something magical in itself.

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Eckhart Landes (Jahrgang 1958) war Schüler von Wolfgang Döbereiner "Münchner Rhythemenlehre". In seinen Seminaren von 1990 bis 2014 erlernte er das Handwerk der Astrologie und Deuten von Horoskopen. Denken, Sprachausdruck und Sprachumgang sind dabei die wesentlichen Ausformungen. Seit 1996 eigene astrologische Praxis mit Gewicht auf Beratungen und Unterricht. Seit 2011 Gründung von Verlag Daphono mit dem Vertrieb eigener ebooks und Hörbüchern zu Musik, Astrologie und Lebensart.

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