The Fall of the Faere and Other Stories

The Fall of the Faere and Other Stories

Tales of the Seven High Houses

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Author: William Timothy Murray
Length: 204 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Sep 2017
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: Fantasy, The Year of the Red Door, William Timothy Murray, Epic, Action Adventure, Mythology, Bloodcoins

How the Elifaen lost they wings and what became of them.

The Elifaen once had wings...

They came into being during a time before there was time, when the sun and moon and all the stars shone together in the sky with equal glory.

In those days, they were called the Faere.

These stories, myths, and legends, spanning eons, set the stage for the epic events of The Year of the Red Door. Here is told how the world was created, how the Faerekind lost their wings and became the Elifaen, The Fallen Ones, and how they failed to save their people from strife.

Some of the figures within these tales fought valiantly to avert the conflicts and violence that they foresaw. Some saw the error of their ways and sought to undo the plight they had inflicted upon their people. Others remained unrepentant and vengeful, and they ensured the fate of all the others.

The Fall of the Faere delivers a deeper understanding of The Year of the Red Door, and a chance to gaze back into history at the story-behind-the-story. Here you will learn how the Forty-Nine Bloodcoins were given as part of a Divine Promise, and how those objects were misused and misunderstood, and how they became scattered and lost. You will read how Cupeldain and others led to the Fall of the Faerekind, and how Cupeldain eventually came to regret his actions. You'll learn about Parthais and the discovery of Griferis which led to Secundur's domination over the land of Shatuum. Lyrium's plight is described and how her husband unsuccessfuly sought to defend Tulith Attis when it was besieged by the Dragonkind. You'll learn how the love that Ormace had for a beautiful Faerekind led to his destruction. How Pyros and Duiniece fell victim to the powers of fire and ice that they held, how Therona fell victim to the machinations of King Parthais, how Queen Therona was overthrown by her own people, and how Serith Ellyn came to become Queen of Vanara.

By the late Second Age, almost all of the significant players in these tales would be dead, and many of them would be all but forgotten. But the power of their acts, stretching beyond the breadth of their lives, seeded the crisis that unfolded during the year 870-871 of the Second Age, the Year of the Red Door.

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William Timothy Murray was born and raised in a small town of the Deep South and now lives in the Appalachian foothills of northeast Georgia.

He enjoys stargazing, tinkering with an old sailboat, and music (right now, he is really into Revien and Ludovico Einaudi).

He is not sure whether his favorite author is Charles Dickens or Patrick O'Brian. His favorite wise character from a classic novel is Faria. His favorite not-so-wise character from a classic novel is Barnaby Rudge.

If he had to fight a duel and could choose the weapons, it would be trebuchets at three hundred yards.

His favorite place is sitting before a crackling fireplace with a bowl of popcorn, a glass of sweet iced tea, and a good book.

He keeps a small writing desk in an old barn. There, amid a clutter of maps, drawings, and books, his memories and experiences join with all the tales he has read to inform and disturb his pen.

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