The Goblin Queen

The Goblin Queen

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Author: Chris Kalyta
Length: 124 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Aug 2013
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Fantasy  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: romance, erotica, sex, adventure, Yellow Silk Dreams, fantasy, fiction, paranormal, goblin queen

The Goblin Queen is an erotic twist on the classic tale of beauty and the beast.

The Goblin Queen is an erotic twist on the classic tale of beauty and the beast, or is it?

Amy was human until she willingly ate faerie food the year before and transformed into an elf. Now she’s left her friends to discover just what it means to be one of these mythical creatures.

Her journey through the wilds of northern Canada end up with her being captured by goblins, who seem only too happy to sacrifice her to their evil god. Can she escape this fate? Can she survive when she’s thrown into an alien world where danger threatens her almost every second of the day?

Amy must learn her own true nature if she is to protect those she cares about. But how can she do that when her own humanity prevents her from embracing faerie magic?


This book caught me by surprise. It introduces an unlikely heroine - Amy -and tells the story of her capture and imprisonment by goblins. What makes it all come alive is the way the author has created a new world for Amy and for us, all in fascinating detail. I suppose it is the mark of a good book that we can believe in it without forcing ourselves, and this one certainly convinced me. I like the mixture of strangeness and familiarity, and found the plot kept me turning pages without a break. A really good read. ~ Jacqueline George

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Chris Kalyta is a proud Canadian and writes adventure and romance stories for adults. Some are fantasy-based, some science fiction or space opera, and some are historical or set in our own world.

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