The Master Negotiator

The Master Negotiator

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Author: S. Amin Talab
Length: 205 page(s)
Language: English
Written: May 2013
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Keywords: negotiation, strategies, conflict resolution, win-win, selling skill, negotiation tactics, strengths for negotiation, getting to yes, optimizing results, value for money, argumentation, communication skills

Top European, Arab and US negotiation strategies, strengths and skills guide

What strategy should you choose if you are buying a used car?
How should you deal with a shark type negotiator?
How is the SMART formula helping you to set optimal negotiation objectives?
What should your answer be to a negotiator starting with: "I heard your service is really bad." and what would you reply to "This is way too expensive!"
Which is the best way to counter the "low-hanging-fruit" tactic?

The "Negotiation Master" will give you answers to all your questions concerning negotiations:

The Negotiation Master summarises and structures clearly, concisely, and coherently the experience, skill and know-how of thousands of negotiators from all over Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Winning negotiation strategies and negotiation strengths are clearly described helping you to find your way through the negotiation jungle and avoid typical traps when pursuing your interests.
This guidebook gives you tips & ideas for all sorts of negotiations, whether they take place with family members, employers or business partners. It is based on practical experience and explains the theoretical background in a succinct and easy-to-understand manner. Numerous examples illustrate what an efficient preparation should entail, the diverse negotiation types that can be employed and a list of successful strategies and tactics.

Press reviews:

„In his book "The Master Negotiator" Dr. Talab has incorporated the experience of thousands of negotiators. Based on real-life examples one can promptly apply the read.“
Die Presse (Daily Newspaper)*

„Living means negotiating. Author Stefan Amin Talab reveals how it´s being done. With this work [he] appeals to executives as well as to housewives and -men."

„Concerning the structure the easy and exciting read is in the foreground. However, the reader is also pampered with a profound ToC, graphic depictions and emphasis.“
Lawyers Gazette Austria (Anwaltsblatt)*

„The Master Negotiator is a book that should be consulted again and again - especially when preparing a negotiation. Absolutely recommended."
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*German original translated b.A.

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Dr. Amin Talab has been focusing on all aspects concerning conflicting (business) interests and negotiations throughout more than 20 years. His truly cross-cultural perspective enables the Austrian-Croat-Slovenian with Syrian roots to build bridges and cast light on the hidden side. The international Negotiation Counselor´s client list reads like a who´s who in business, ranging from companies like Merck and UniCredit Bank to Puma and the European Court of Justice.

Amin is the author of several training curricula and 3 ground-breaking business books that help people from various industries, cultures and countries to achieve their objectives swiftly and efficiently on a worldwide level.

He is consulted regularly as "Ghost Negotiator" and popular speaker for business meetings and events. His intercultural outside view and expertise are valued to help assessing strategies, finding options and exits or rehearsing argumentation and sales pitches (more...

Dr. Talab loves to fascinate people for his intercultural understanding of negotiation and conflict resolution with his books and in his key-note speeches about new strategies, intercultural negotiations or how to become a Master Negotiator (more...

He is married and lives with his twin daughters in Vienna, Austria and works in Mosonmagyárovar, Hungary and all over Europe incl. Russia and the Middle East and Arab region.

Find out out how a European perspective is different to everyhting you have read so far about negotiation and enjoy his book.

Dr. Amin Talab can be contacted directly at or Check out a book summary also at

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