The Master

The Master

Kinky Girl Series

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Author: Lily Brom
Length: 80 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Feb 2015
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Erotica  |  Work: Roman
Keywords: BDSM, submissive, Dominant, submission, domination, training

“Lily, trust I wouldn’t let anyone harm my property.”

The Master is the third book in the Kinky Girl Series, it is brutally honest in its intent to show a glimpse in the life of a BDSM lifestyle slave. Even Lily with her experience as a submissive wasn’t prepared for what her new handsome, educated and pretentiously wealthy Master wanted from her.

Now it might appear this is another book about the billionaire taking the regular girl and turning her into his princess but, umm no. This story is about Lily’s servitude to a man, in every way he demanded. He would own her, as a slave and she would be completely his, to do with as he saw fit during their contracted time.

Her motivation to enter into this arrangement was more than just the opportunity to travel, the new clothes or any general spoiling she knew he would lavish upon her. Lily’s decision to become a slave was about her desire to transcend. Becoming a slave would force her to trust, force her to believe, in someone else and her own judgment in that person.

She knew constant servitude wouldn’t be easy. It would mean being expected to say yes, when she wanted to say NO! She knew Ty’s demands sexually would push her beyond her own limitations and fears. A notion she found to be incontrovertibly delicious.

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About the Author

Lily Brom | Author on

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Lily is a writer, lifestyle submissive, petite masochist, proud seductress, mentor and advocate of a woman's right to self-determination.

Her motivation to write BDSM erotica, was a desire to share her kink positive experiences and some of the phenomenal men who gifted them to her. The Kinky Girl series is about Lily, her inner-conflicts, joys, pleasures, loves and occasional heartbreak on her journey to acceptance of her BDSM lifestyle.

Lily is an adventurous person, an ardent outdoor enthusiast, and can often be found on the hiking trails of the Rocky Mountains with her dogs. She loves travel, culinary arts, gardening, sewing and spending time with her family. She has a degree in Liberal Arts and Business, a former career in public service and owns her own business. She is an advocate for volunteerism, social responsibility and the environment.

She believes people must be responsible for their sexuality, and BDSM should be a path to sexual freedom not a crutch. She is active in her local community, with friends and family who are supportive of her lifestyle choice.

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