The religion that captivated minds with its logic

The religion that captivated minds with its logic

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Author: Hatem Yahia
Publisher: GD Publishing
Length: 90 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Nov 2016
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Category: Religion & Spirituality » Islam  |  Work: Sonstiges
Keywords: Religion, Islam, Comparative religion, Interfaith, Quran, Koran

Verses from the Quran discussing various beliefs from a logical perspective.

This book is based upon selected (translated) verses from the holy book: the Quran; verses that contain logical information or reasoning with the human mind. These verses indicate that Islam is a religion that respects, moreover rewards, thinking and contemplation.

The verses present irrefutable logic that leave a person astonished as he gradually comprehends the weight of what he is presented with, leaving him thinking deeply. If a person truly grasps the logic, and is objective in his deductions without being hindered by pride, he will end up with one option: submission to the one God.

But to those who doubt that the verses are from God, it is up to them to decide whether these verses are within a human's capability and knowledge to compose or if they surpass human limits. For I believe, that within everyone is a God-given innate instinct that can recognize what is unique and sent from Him.

The book will be divided into sections, each section responding to a false claim via simple logic provided in the Quran. This will begin by responding to the basic claim that there is no God, and progressing systematically through the sections to reach the final logical conclusion; the truth.

The purpose of the book is to encourage people to choose their religion by applying logic. It is intended for the general populace. If the book manages to activate a persons mind, setting him on the path of deep thought and self-dependence, then the book has accomplished a large part of its purpose.

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The author was born in 1979, and is currently working as a dentist in Egypt. He discovered that there was more to life than just living, there was maintaining a connection with the Creator: Allah. He wanted to contribute to Islam, and so he wrote this book (which is his first). The aim of this book is to direct people to the path of salvation by using their minds, since the author himself was previously a victim of public trends and opinions that led him astray.

He loves logical thinking and civilized rational debating, and believes that the mind is a blessing that should be put to use. This is essential since when we will be judged by God, everyone will be judged alone based on his decisions. One of his main principles is: don’t deny a truth even if it is against your interest or hurts your pride, no matter how hard admitting it is. And declare the truth as soon as possible, for denying or resisting it causes harm to one’s self mainly.

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