The Singing Lakes (Salmon Run - Book 3)

The Singing Lakes (Salmon Run - Book 3)

A secret lurks at the bottom of Lake Iliamna…

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Author: J.A. Marlow
Length: 157 page(s)
Written: Aug 2011
Sales Rank: 16 XinXii Sales Rank
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Science Fiction  |  Work: Novel
Keywords: scifi, adventure, mystery, action, family, legends, young adult, small town, science fiction, contemporary, aliens, monster, winter, singing, sf, novella, spaceship, radio, alaska, cozy, northern exposure, lodge, mystery cozy, alaskan, lake iliamna

Strange singing leads to a secret lurking at the bottom of Lake Iliamn

An ominous singing voice only Zach and Sasha can hear...

First came the blizzard. Then the earthquake hit. Even as the people of Salmon Run rally to pick up the pieces, Zach and Sasha start hearing a voice singing across the radio. Singing no one else hears.

What do the lyrics in the beautiful voice mean? Some sound downright apocalyptic, and growing darker all the time. They need answers, and fast. They know the hidden aliens must be involved in some way, but how do you find aliens who want to remain hidden?

And what does all this have to do with Lake Iliamna?

Welcome to Salmon Run, Alaska! A place of wild animals, wild lands, and wild inhabitants...oh, and native legends come alive and an interplanetary alien conflict at their backdoor. A fun contemporary science fiction series for teens, young adults, and adults of all ages.

Books in the Salmon Run series in order:
Night of the Aurora
Alien Winter
The Singing Lakes
Secret Illusions
Specter of the White Death
Aurora Equinox
Breakup - Alaska Style
The Legend of Crazy Uncle George

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It's said I was launched into space from birth and I haven't been back to Earth since.

There might be some truth in that.

As a reader I love science fiction with great plots, interesting characters, exotic locales, all accompanied by a sense of wonder with optimistic endings. As a writer, I love the same.

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