Typhoon Tommy

Typhoon Tommy

An Australian e-Comic discovery!

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Author: Barrie Earl
Length: 123 page(s)
Written: Feb 2018
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An Australian e-comic discovery!

Australia's long-lost comic. Discovered in a deceased estate was Barrie Earl's hand-drawn comics saga of the Chaco War. Comprehensively researched and drawn with historical accuracy, Typhoon Tommy is an archival gem - a relic of Australian comics culture, perhaps even it's last classical flourish before the industry was overwhelmed with American comics. Steeped in a rich adventure-comics tradition, although an Australian comic, it brings a unique perspective to what was an international war, World War Two.

In full-colour, with an embedded video introduction by original comic publisher Michael Baulderstone, of Dynamic Duo Comics in Adelaide, South Australia.

NOTE: Contains .flv video embed, not suitable for the Apple iPad.

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About the Author

Barrie Earl | Author on XinXii.com

Member since: Aug 2011
Publications on XinXii:  1
Barrie Earl (1935-2008) had a life time fascination with comic art. As a young person he drew his own comics and later in life he devoted a lot of time to researching and faithfully reconstructing in comic form the conflict called the Chaco War.

From this research the adventures of Typhoon Tommy were drawn with much attention paid to accurate historical detail.

Sadly Barrie passed away after just recently finishing the story of the Chaco War.

He is survived by his wife Helen, three children and five great grandchildren.

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