Verses Of The Reverse

Verses Of The Reverse

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Author: Victor Matheus
Length: 59 page(s)
Language: English
Written: Feb 2017
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Category: Fiction & Literature » Miscellaneous  |  Work: Fachbuch
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The author of this work is nothing more than a dissatisfied mind, trying to deal

What would a musician have to say about love, the meaning of life and quantum physics?
The purpose of this book may seem bold, but Victor Matheus can make use of his artistic sensitivity to guide the reader through an intricate network of thoughts and feelings with which it is easy to identify. Enthusiastic about quantum theories, Victor seeks to measure human nature within the infinite possibilities of the universe, and the answer could only be disconcerting: our smallness is evident, and our lives last very little. Still, it is possible to fill our time on the world with loves that can bring people together. By mixing reminiscences and existential questions, the author constructs a fragmented but fluid narrative. Those who know him now will be able to delve into his anxieties and confirm that we are all more alike than at first sight.

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The author of this work is nothing more than a dissatisfied mind, trying to deal with its many faces gathered from their various thoughts and exposed in an unconventional book.
This work without greater purpose portrays thoughts of a restless mind, the chance of this book brings the reader the harsh reality, casually taking the innocence of childhood and coolly accepting adulthood.

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