Endless Trials

Before The Birth Of The Baby

Author: Elaami
Pages: 254
Language: English
ISBN: 9783969313640
Publication date: 23/02/2021
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A young and handsome billionaire who found an unexpected love in a beautiful poor girl, who later turned out to be his unknown betrothed. They had to live with the truth and lived as man and wife.
"No! Please"

"Please, don't touch me down there Jian Ying"

I said to him with a rather high tone. He looked me straight in the eye with his hand still on my thigh and replied.

"I like it there!"

"You...you can't do that" I wriggled out of his hold and that got him angry.

"You are my wife and every single part of your body is mine! Including...down there! So keep that mouth shut! Spread your legs wide for me and lie there!"

He shouted at me with a serious expression. I had never seen anyone who was more shameless than him.

"I'm not your wife yet Jian Ying and besides, I'm still young" I was perspiring all over. He smirked at me and said with his dominant voice.

"Oh, yes you are!"

"You are at the ripe age for it and besides, in a few days time, our marriage will commence. So, why wait?!" And before I knew it..."



"You...you are so bad! *Sobs* You said you don't like me and that you don't want me. So...so, how could you do this to me? I'm still very young wuwu...wuwu…"

"Just stop crying, will you?! You should be very grateful that you still have the energy to speak!"

"How could a 19 almost 20 years old be that young huh? You are almost a married woman, d*mn it!"

"I don't care, you are very bad. You are a beast in human form Jian Ying!"

"I will make sure I report you to mother, what you did to me. Wuwu...wuwu…"

"Hahahaha...Go ahead!" But while on that, just make sure you get ready for me tonight, ok?!"



Just as the name implies. This book "Endless Trials: Before The Birth Of The Baby" is about the struggles of a young and very beautiful girl.

Chen Lijuan was just a regular innocent and good girl. She went through a lot in the hands of her adoptive family, but the heavenly light shone
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