The Housewife and the Hitchiker

The Whole Story

Pages: 52
Language: English
ISBN: 9780463823132
Publication date: 01/06/2017
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Kate is hitching to Glastonbury. Julie is a Housewife who picks her up...
Kate is a student, hitching her way to Glastonbury in 1995. Julie is a newly separated housewife in her 40s, driving home. Against her better judgement, she picks Kate up and gets taken on a voyage of discovery that changes her life.

Note: This consists of two stories, one from Julie's point of view and the other telling the same events from Kate's point of view and extending the story a bit.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

_..._ = italics.
*...* = bold

…She took a sip of the wine. “What about you? Ever tried a walk on the wild side?”

“What? Oh, you mean have I ever, um, been with a woman. No” Julie took another sip of the wine to hide her nervousness. _I thought I’d got over this, why is it coming back?_

“Never? Not even at school? Never ‘practise’ kissing with your best friend? Never go to your best friend’s house and compare the changes puberty was making to you both? Never spent the night spooning with a friend at a sleepover? I did all of those and whereas I was gay I’m pretty sure they weren’t”

Julie was sure her face was red as she answered. “No, I’ve never done anything like that” _Though I do remember Cynthia at school talking about practising kissing with Emma. And I remember feeling jealous…_ She gulped some more wine to hide her discomfort. _And why am I uncomfortable with this?_

“Well, if you want to see what you missed out on, I’m here.” Kate said with a smile and a seductive pout.

Heart pounding, Julie replied “I thought you said I was safe with you”, smiling and laughing nervously. _Did she mean that? Do I *want* her to have meant it?_

“I said that I wouldn’t do anything that you don’t want me to. And I meant it.” She reached over to put her wine glass down, moving closer as she did. “So, what do you want, Julie? Would you like me to kiss you?”

_Oh God…_ “I…” _What do I say?_ “I…” Julie couldn’t speak, her voice was paralysed with the thought of where this
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It's pronounce Goo-lad-verth (Welsh is spelt differently). I’ve lived in the UK for most of my life and work in education. I’ve always wanted to write but only recently managed to actually put some words to paper. Dw i’n mynd i wella, as they say in Wales. I read somewhere that 40% or so of women have had some sort of sexual relationship with another women. I thought I'd write stories about this, based on experiences and the stories of women I know.
And I'm also interested in sexual ethics and the way what is right or wrong (sexually) redefines itself over the years. And how and why that happens. So, I've put that in some of my books too.

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