A Story

A Story

Autor: Anna Leone
N° de páginas: 6
Idioma: English
Escrito: Abr. 2012
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Categoría: Literatura y Ficción » Historias cortas  |  Tipo: Roman
Etiquetas: story, air, coffee, cigarette, rain, foggy, book, dark, anna leone, story

An intriguing, surprising short story

It is an intriguing, surprising short story which I hope will give some bit of thrill to all of my readers.
The story is made out of quick and colourfull images which come and go in a rather fast pace.

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Anna Leone | Autor en XinXii.com

Usuario desde: Abr. 2012
Publicaciones:  1
A young writer at her first publication in English language.

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Leserbewertungen (7 Einträge)  
Engaging 8. Sep. 2016
von Anonymous
I really enjoyed reading this short story because it engages all of the senses and captures a moment we can all relate to. It is subtly written, in simple easy to understand language which makes you feel like a part of the story. My only criticism is that it was too short. Excellent work Anna!

2. Mayo 2016
von christine owen
This was a well-written and exciting story, especially for one written by a non-native speaker. The story line was great, but I must agree with one of the commenters -- it was too short! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

well.... 25. Feb. 2016
von Anonymous
First of all I want to complain! This story is too short! Excellent style of writing, sad but with an unexpected ending. I was pretty sure that I know how it will end and I was wrong. Well done Anna. Looking forward to reading your next publication.

Exciting! 25. Ene. 2015
von Anonymous
Blurry, as the fog present all over the novel. Very short and very "efficient", mysterious and let the reader rely on his imagination. It's like watching a short film, but in words. Highly creditable!!

Can't wait to read more 25. Ago. 2014
von Shadya Karawi
This short story is beautifully written. It makes us wonder about the certainty of time and space. Can't wait to read more! :)

A sad and beautifully woven little story... 19. Junio 2013
von Anonymous
...reminding us to know time.

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