Messages From and Beyond The Tunnel

Life in the afterlife

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Publication date: 01/12/2015
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Death doesn't Exist, To Born, To Die and Be Born Again, After Life There Is More Life.

The law of reincarnation can explain all situations of life, the good and, of course, the bad. Without reincarnation, we should accept that life is haphazard, groundless and without an ulterior motivation. For this reason, many of us argue that death does not exist as an end, but as a change to another dimension of life. Thanks to the free will, human being is architect of his destiny and decided, for better or for worse, each of his deeds.

Near-death experiences are, for now, the most overwhelming proof of the existence of life after death. Most of the testimonies agree that people, who were clinically declared dead, have traveled beyond, and visited a place of light where these felt a great joy and an indescribable happiness. Again implies a profound transformation where love is the main motor and the knowledge is the unique baggage that we carry after death.

What exists beyond life? Is the soul a tireless traveler? In Messages from Beyond the Tunnel, Vladimir Burdman , parapsychologist, states that to banish fear about death it is only possible through the knowledge and openness of human consciousness. 'The truth', says Burdman, is not there to find it, but to find it forever.
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Investigador de temas esotéricos con más de 45 años dedicado a la fenomenología de la vida y del ser humano. Es parapsicólogo, especialista en ciencias ocultas, mentalista, naturista e hipnólogo. Participa en la Asociación Metafísica Internacional , la logia Rosacruz de San José de California, la Gran Fraternidad Universal y la Gran Fraternidad Blanca. Colabora con varias organizaciones internacionales relacionadas con el tema de los ovni y los contactos extraterrestre.

Como conferencista, Burdman ha abordado temas como cromoterapia, numerología, astrología, geomancia, cartomancia, especializándose en los arcanos mayores del tarot, quirología y aromaterapia. Ha investigado y practicado durante muchos años la alta magia blanca y se ha especializado en el tema las enfermedades postizas.

El autor ha estudiado teosofía, filosofía y cábala. Ha investigado sobre la energía piramidal logrando curaciones sorprendentes y ha trabajado su aplicación en el desarrollo de las facultades paranormales. Mediante hallazgos obtenidos por hipnosis regresivas afirma que la reencarnación -un tema de estudio recurrente del autor- es un hecho innegable.

Catorce libros publicados son el aval de su dedicación al estudio de temas esotéricos y paranormales. Recibió el galardón el Águila de Oro como parapsicólogo y mentalista de Venezuela en 1991. Vladimir Burdman amplía su labor de estudio compartiendo sus conocimientos para ayudar al despertar espiritual del hombre y propiciar la amplitud de la conciencia humana.

Researcher of esoteric subjects with more than 45 years dedicated to the phenomenology of life and of human beings. It's parapsychologist , occult specialist , mentalist , hypnotist and naturist . Participates in the International Metaphysical Association, the Rosicrucian lodge San Jose California, the Great Universal Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood. Collaborates with several international organizations related to the topic of UFO and alien contact.As speaker, Burdman has addressed issues such as color therapy, numerology, astrology, geomancy, card reading, specializing in the major arcana of tarot and aromatherapy. He has researched and practiced for many years white magic and has specialized in the subject fake diseases. The author has studied theosophy, philosophy and Kabbalah. He has researched about pyramid energy healing and has worked its application in the development of paranormal abilities. Using his findings from regressive hypnosis states that reincarnation -a recurring theme of the author's studies- is an undeniable fact.Fourteen books include the endorsement of their dedication to topics. He received the Golden Eagle Award as a parapsychologist in Venezuela in 1991. The mentalist Burdman Vladimir expands its research sharing their knowledge to help the spiritual awakening of man and promote the growth of human conscience.

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