Set, Beset

Horus, God of the Air, versus Set, the God of Chaos, in Early Egypt

Author: Anand Madhu
Pages: 133
Language: English
Publication date: 01/02/2016
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The social mileu and other underliers behind the conflict between Horus and Set
Purpose of this book: To let the people understand THE SCHISM of Egypt

In his voluminous writings, J R R Tolkien speaks about the mysterious kingdom of Numenor. Working on a hunch I compared his account of Numenor to ancient Egypt, and found a perfect match. The story of Numenor, which looks meaningless by itself, was, when decrypted, found to be the encoded history of ancient Egypt!

The story, long kept secret by our friendly mafiosi (e.g.: those who killed King Tut's researchers), stands revealed!

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Took me many years to understand, I\'ll reveal all things to you...

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