Past Life Regression

A Manual for Hypnotherapists to Conduct Effective Past Life Regression Sessions

Author: Kemila Zsange
Pages: 211
Language: English
Publication date: 02/01/2021
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A Complete Guidebook on Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
Past Life Regression can be recreational for some people, a way to satisfy their curiosity. For others, this modality has tremendous therapeutic value. Mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical healing can take place in a past life regression session. This book introduces many ways and techniques in detail from the beginning to the end of how to conduct an effective Past Life Regression session. To illustrate, Kemila also shares a lot of her casework as examples.

This book is suitable mostly for hypnosis professionals and interested general public, as it is full of scripts and reveals details step-by-step methods.
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Born and raised in China, Kemila Zsange lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she has a very successful private practice in Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapy. She has written two books: Past Life Regression - A Manual for Hypnotherapists to Conducted Effective Past Life Regression Sessions, and Carol's Lives - Two Souls' Journey in Two Cities and Beyond. She is currently working on her third book Many Blessings Will Come - Tales of Recovering Inner Commitments, Gifts, and Wisdom Through Hypnotherapy.

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