The God Of Sodom

Book Of Sodom

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Publication date: 27/09/2013
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The New Age God of sensual pleasure unveils itself!
Behold the God of the New Aeon who casts away the repressive old God Of Emptiness! Liberate your beautiful body and emancipate your sensual mind without guilt, shame or inhibition! I bring in the New Age! Let your eyes behold the beauty and bounty of the Golden Dawn of the first day of the New Age!

The Prophet Of Sodom paves the Earthly maps for all Children of the Earth so that they may begin their journey into higher bliss! Let it begin with banquets of pleasure with overflowing fountains of wine dancing naked and free! Hail Sodom! I bear good tidings!

Let us be full of joy! For we are gods naked and free! Come bask in the Earthly Secret and come to know thyself! Free thyself! Pleasure thyself! Be thyself! Hail Sodom! IO Sodom! OM!
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I am a libertine for whom all philosophy and religion must be centered around sexual pleasure and liberation! :)

I live a complete Naturist / Nudist lifestyle, I am a Hermetic whose spiritual interests span across the entire 'Pagan spectrum' from Wicca to GD and Thelema.

Come join me if you love public nudity, sexual liberation, a Magickal journey full of pleasure and awe!

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