Blood Gift Part Three

Author: Tegan Abbott
Pages: 280
Language: English
Publication date: 16/11/2014
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A story of redemption.
In the shocking conclusion to The Blood Gift Trilogy, Vehemence and his band of hex breakers find themselves up against the extraordinary yet again. But in a land of impossible things, who's to say what will happen?

Peace reigns between the Guild and the Faction, both working together to restore a city for Faction members to call home. But the alliance is uneasy, and no one understands this better than ex-assassin Vehemence.

Vehemence is looking for a way to break the World Hex, and bring prosperity to the islands once more ... but in his quest to find answers, he discovers only more questions. Like the biggest question of all; what is Haven? It turns out that the Guild may be hiding more than even Vehemence thought possible.

Pondering his next move, Vehemence the Blood Linker rejoins his group of hex breakers, who continue to help anyone suffering from strand misuse. Except one routine job proves to be anything but, and suddenly everything Vehemence has worked for is at risk. He is the only hope to solve the riddle of the mysterious Haven, and break the World Hex, but has he finally found a foe more powerful than himself? Faced with a battle that could very well end in his death, Vehemence and his hex breakers discover that the very fate of the land hangs in the balance.

You won't want to miss a moment of the action-packed third book of The Blood Gift Trilogy. Will Vehemence learn the Guild's biggest secrets and break the lands' greatest hex?
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Tegan started her first novel when she was sixteen. It was inspired by a White Wolf table-top role-play game, Exalted. Another inspiration came from her work in aged care and psychiatric care, also when she was sixteen. Most of her first book was written on paper towel in her breaks while working full time, then typed onto her computer after work. When completed, her first novel came to 75,000 words and was finished just after she turned eighteen. Working without any guidance, Tegan continued writing and rewrote the same story six times, and it slowly evolved into 'Blood Gift'. Tegan (self) published 'Blood Gift: Part One' in Apr 23, 2012 on Amazon, and it was only then that she began to reveal to her friends that she wrote novels.
Tags: Fantasy

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