Blood Gift Part Two

Author: Tegan Abbott
Pages: 314
Language: English
Publication date: 16/11/2014
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A story of redemption.
In a land of impossible things, where the ability to touch and use the ancient force known as Strand brings gifts of power, ex-assassin Vehemence is walking an uncertain path. Both the Guild of Impossible Things, whose job it is to protect the strand, and the Faction, which works against the Guild it considers corrupt, are determined that Vehemence the Blood-Linker should work for them. Claimed by the Faction before he has a real chance to decide by himself, Vehemence finds himself living a life he didn't knowingly choose.

War stirs the land, Kingdom and Duchy erupting into violence towards each other and Dolour, Vehemence's master, has to reveal his true identity when the Guild insists he give up leadership of his hex-breaking group.

But the Guild too, suffers a blow, when their all-seeing Oracle leaves, and seeks out Vehemence and the remains of the group, determined to break the hex on the Swamps, and find out the truth of what happened there all those years ago. She wishes to continue the hex-breaking work and the group, along with members of the Faction, rally to her cause.

But Vehemence no longer knows where his allegiance should lie. Always wanting redemption for himself, now he finds himself wishing for freedom. Especially once he learns the true range of his abilities as a Blood Linker. It is obvious now that Dolour, and possibly others, have not told him the truth about what he can do.

As priorities and allegiances shift, the hex-breaking group loses members, and Vehemence, unsure what his path should be, must take his future into his own hands, and decide for himself where his powers will be best used.

This is the startling second book in the Blood Gift trilogy, set in a fantasy world where the impossible is never out of reach.
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Tegan started her first novel when she was sixteen. It was inspired by a White Wolf table-top role-play game, Exalted. Another inspiration came from her work in aged care and psychiatric care, also when she was sixteen. Most of her first book was written on paper towel in her breaks while working full time, then typed onto her computer after work. When completed, her first novel came to 75,000 words and was finished just after she turned eighteen. Working without any guidance, Tegan continued writing and rewrote the same story six times, and it slowly evolved into 'Blood Gift'. Tegan (self) published 'Blood Gift: Part One' in Apr 23, 2012 on Amazon, and it was only then that she began to reveal to her friends that she wrote novels.
Tags: Fantasy

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