Thieves of the Sky

Author: Hibba Natour
Pages: 82
Language: English
ISBN: 9781329304086
Publication date: 16/01/2019
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My reflections and poems were included animals, nature, cultures and values....
When I started thinking about my poetry book I decided to write about things that I love and enjoy so much. I feel for poems come out right and enjoyable the poet has to be genuine and true about her feelings and what to write about and word must come from the heart. Also the vocabulary and expressions used must reflect a mastery of the language to choose the most suitable words that will be great match perfect for each situation, that is a skill and a gift that God had blessed me with an I am thankful for that. I have also chosen my subjects and situations based on the simple things in life that people enjoy and find it close to their hearts because I believe that when it comes to poetry the simpler the better. I have also written about a range of topics to make it exciting and give the reader the experience and enjoy different situations and reflections, after all variety is the spice of life. Some of the topics that I picked for my reflections and poems were included animals, nature, cultures and values, and faraway places.
I am a huge animal lover and you will feel that throughout this book, I spend a lot of my time looking at them, watching animals and wildlife shows, going to zoos and aquariums. The animal world that shares our planet, there is so much beauty and serenity in connection with nature and learn many lessons in struggle, hard work, and motherhood. However, not everything in the animal kingdom is rosy fairy tales of beautiful fur, colorful feathers, and fluffy cubs, there are also a lot of savagery, blood, and cruel fight for survival. I felt to covey that world as it is just like it takes place in nature in a very unique way that hasn’t been described before that that reader will find interesting and amusing. In “Thieves of the Sky,” “Dracula of the Jungle,” “I smell Blood,” “Gentle Giants,” and “Racing the Wind” I spoke of the beauty and of heartwarming sights and discipline of these animals, but at the same time I uncovered their schemes and manipulation in stalking their Prays and tearing them apart in cruel and bloody manner as a mean of survival and domination of the strong over the venerable.
In a related topic, but also a matter of principle I wanted to make my voice heard to add that to the many calls and protests against the brutality and savagery oh bullfighting in Spain and other places. The torture and sedition that is inflicted on that poor creature is beyond comprehension. I wanted to portray that in an imaginative story poem that would describe my feeling about a bull fight event and what was a better way to do that from the perspective of the bull itself. In my piece “Ole… Ole… Save Me” I thought to myself: What if the bull can talk, express his grief, and cry for help? What would it say about its plight, the matador, the surroundings, and people around it? How would it react to the constant stabbing, bleeding wounds, and intimidation? I did that in a very interesting way that will capture the imagination and curiosity of the readers, I consider that one of my good thoughts in this book.
I was very fortunate that at the age of fourteen I was able to travel to many faraway lands and explore so many places and cultures not as a passive tourist but to live them and actually experience them firsthand. I wanted to share with my readers those great events and talk about the people values, traditions, and their perspective of things and much more!
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I was born on July 2000 in the city of Somerville in the state of New Jersey the “Garden State”, I am now fourteen years of age and the oldest of five children, we are a total of three boys Suleiman, Omar, and “Baby Sami,” two girls me and my and Jenin also my best friend. My father Mo Natour- who is also an author - is a mechanical engineer graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1995. He was the driving force behind me perusing a future as an author and was there for me every step of the way; he was also the inspiration for me in writing this book from beginning to end. My mother Rania Natour perused a medical career in health care graduating as a medical lab technologist in 2012. She is my greatest role model when it comes to integrity, success, and hard work; she is a spring that never stops flowing with love, sacrifice, and giving.
Due to the nature of my father’s career we did a great deal of traveling during my early childhood years. We moved a lot between New Jersey, Florida, and Michigan, we first moved from New Jersey to Lehigh Acres, Florida (a small town of Fort Myers on the West Coast). That is where I started my school years in Mirror Lakes Elementary School at the age of five. As we moved to Michigan I proceeded to the first, second, and third grade at Hill Crest and Kin Loch elementary schools in the city of Dearborn Heights. Back in the Sunshine State of Florida I have completed my elementary education at Thunderbolt Elementary School in Fleming Island and middle school at Green Cove Springs Junior High in Green Cove Springs.
At the mean time I reside Fleming Island, Florida a beautiful quite small town suburb of the city of Jacksonville. It is a relatively new town with a lot of green grass, palm trees, beautiful homes; I am also a proud freshman at Fleming Island High School. It is a great and a highly competitive school with very inspiring and hardworking teachers, principal, and staff who are very dedicated to students and the community. I am an honors student with a solid GPA, which I always maintained throughout my school years.
My favorite subjects in school are anything related to science and math, which are challenging and require a lot of thinking that is great for the mind. However, I believe that God has given me the gift of writing that is my great passion and joy to my mind and soul. I was also blessed with a great family and parents who made every moment of life worth living for.

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