Fate On Paradise Island

Author: Michaela Smith
Pages: 57
Language: English
Publication date: 19/06/2020
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Maddie Brooks is an aspiring journalist who gets the scoop of a lifetime in Maldives. But does the island of paradise have more than business in store?
Maddie Brooks is an aspiring journalist trying to overcome her fears. She used to be passionate about journalism but when she came straight out of University she had to settle for a columnist. She withdrew into her comfort zone and her fears got the best of her.

Now that she was sent off by her boss to do the scoop of a lifetime in Maldives. Does Maddie redescover herself? Her passion? Does she ruin her reputation and chance to become a journalist?

And then she ran into "FATE". Noah Anderson a British Hottie salesman with a cold heart. Maddie and Noah were both stuck with each other because they had the same Travel Agency who booked them the same Personal Assistant, same Villas, Itineraries and same meeting arrangements. From the first moment they met they couldn't stand each other. But could that change? Could they become friends in the end?

Or does FATE on paradise Island have something else in store?

And on an Island like this. Temptation is hard to resist.
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