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Feminine Future

Cinematographic Tale

Author: Rene Hirsch
Pages: 100
Language: English
Publication date: 11/04/2020
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Victim of domestic violence, a young female biologist develops a product that destroys testosterone. Its success forces her to go into hiding. She joins a group of feminist extremists who spreads her product all over the world...
Iraq, 2014 – Asherah (8) and her sister Nahid (21) are prisoners of IS. When liberated, their family rejects them because they have been married to IS fighters. To escape prostitution, they decide to marry a man in Tehran.
Tehran, 2031 - Asherah (21) is a biologist who suffers daily abuses at the hand of her husband. In her laboratory, she develops a product that prevents the production of testosterone and tries it on her husband. It works perfectly, and she uses it to help other victims of domestic violence. But her activity is not to the taste of everyone, and when her sister is murdered, she decides to leave Tehran.
Paris, 2033 - She joins a group of feminist extremists who spread her product all over the world. In the meantime she develops a new product that totally changes society.
Utah, 2070 – In the new society, gender roles are reversed: women are in charge and men are sex objects. Although domestic violence has been eradicated and the world is at peace, Asherah (64) is not satisfied with what she sees, for nothing has really changed, only the roles are now distributed differently. But a group of men is organizing resistance against the new world order…
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