An Anthology In Memory of H. G Welles and A. C. Doyle

Author: Ellen Elizabeth Dudley more .. less ..
co-author: Thomas Jason Edison
Pages: 380
Language: English
Publication date: 22/05/2021
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Short Crime and Sci-Fi Stories
AD 2094 London
My name is Melanie Jones. His name was Jack North, and we believed ourselves to be inseparable, but we were wrong, as we had no control over fate, kismet or what ever you call the phenomenon that decides when we die.
Have you ever had one of those feelings, like a premonition, a quiet feeling, without any emotion that something was going to happen, something that would change someone’s life, your own perhaps? Well, I had one of those now and I felt we were on our way to success.
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About the Author
Rebecca-Angela Suljic-Taylor (pseudonym Ellen Elizabeth Dudley) a qualified Downes-Syndrome childcarer, lives with her husband and two small daughters in Germany, near the Dutch border, after co-writing and editing over ninety e-books and numerous paperbacks of different genres with her father. The genres are Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Science-Fiction-Fantasy, Crime Thrillers, Poems, and tales of the Holocaust.

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