Chinese Walls

Author: Xu Xi
Pages: 180
Language: English
Publication date: 09/02/2011
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First novel by noted Hong Kong author Xu Xi
It’s the sixties. US sailors on R&R prowl the streets of the waterfront in Hong Kong where the Indonesian-Chinese Hsu family lives. 'What’s a prostitute?' nine-year old Ai-Lin asks her older brother Philip, who is horrified she knows the word. Eldest brother Paul tries to explain about the girls with the 'orange hair' Ai-Lin has seen next door at Chung King Mansion. Written in the first person, the book, according to one reviewer, 'leaves no cheap or smutty aftertaste,' and is 'like listening to a close friend talking about her life, her family, her love and her frustrations.' This controversial first novel launched the author’s career in Asia.
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I write where I live which is the flight path connecting New York, Hong Kong and the South Island of New Zealand. Right now the main nest is a rooftop squat in Hong Kong, my birth city, which is also where my mother at 90 ages gracefully, despite her Alzheimer's, beneath me. I have no offspring to ensure such grace so instead I write, and trust that my books will be the children who will go forth and find me readers to provide solace as I age. Most of my work is fiction -- the novel remains my favorite genre -- although of late the essay is a primary preoccupation. You can meditate, despair and gnash your teeth in an essay the way you can't quite in fiction. Mostly I write about contemporary trans-national life, because I have long felt (and lived) beyond race, nationality, culture, city, country. I liken my life to that of the cuckoo, settling here, there and just about anywhere I can find a temporary angle of repose until the next dream state moves me -- asleep or awake how can we limit where and when we dream? The music that haunts my dreams is jazz. Find me on Facebook or at my website

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