A rewarding tale of faith, hope and especially love

Author: Craig Lock
Pages: 207
Language: English
Publication date: 26/02/2011
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A rewarding tale of faith, hope and especially love that is currently
by craig lock

“When (and where) love endures, hope inevitably follows”

- the writer

stirling and a young unknown author of the future

A rewarding tale of faith, hope and especially love that is currently being written, but thought I'd put up extracts as I write... anyway. So ENJOY...

The characters seem to represent the virtues and the resilience of the ‘little’ people, a story (or stories) to which we can all relate. In essence it’s about hope and faith: a tale (and tales) of the unquenchable spirit of tenacity in battling on, no matter what are our circumstances. And then eventually finding a way, a pathway to overcome personal adversity … and to ultimately succeed in glorious triumph.”

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Easy-going NARRATIVE, which weaves, dodges and dives.

Racing driver in a deep coma (Stirling)
* quest trying to find the unknown author (Stirling’s favourite), because the father is convinced that if he can bring the author (and the son’s dog) to his comatose son’s bedside, a miracle will occur. Sets out to find the one person he believes will be able to help his son come out of his deep coma and get better.
“Faction”, but perhaps even a true story!!!!
There are various threads in the story:
* a highly intelligent and creative family, and a free-spirited and loving mother, a son and a daughter with vivid imaginations.
* the “driven”father (who was actively involved in WW II) was much later in life inspired by the unknown author’s anti-war stance and inspirational and empowering writings.
* a few thoughts on the mental health profession
(“we don’t know what more we can do for you, so take a pill and disappear”??) Only joking, there are many good, caring very committed people around in that profession/area!!!
The main point is that we already have it WITHIN ourselves to get out of very sticky situations in life. All people occasionally need is support and simple encouragement.
* Essentially stories of love: father – son and son – father
son – father – mother – sister- brother
…and all of them for an unknown writer/author, “ a champion of hope“
In short, it’s a story about hope, love and PEACE, plain and simple!


Watching children grow
is like threatening the ivy
to climb the garden wall.
You wait for it to happen
you hurry it along with love.
But still you’re disappointed
at giving someone life enough
to walk off on their own
and not be carried in your arms.
You never turn back – not once,
and yet one day they’ve grown apart
or taller
It’s all the same.
Polly put the kettle on, we’ll all have tea.
Giving love to children
has made us older overnight.
Rod McKune

Started jan 14th Jan in the year 2011

“When (and where) love endures, hope inevitably follows”

- the writer


Article Title: A Tribute to Ernest Hemingway

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I want to write the way Gilles Villeneuve drove his blood red Formula One Ferrari… with wild abandonment, yet also with the artists craft of a Stirling Moss, an Ayrton
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