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Through Existences is a unique blend of political-social commentary wrapped into a paranormal romance. The tale tells of Marcio, a man with an exceptional gift as clairvoyance who uses it to possess the woman he desires and loves. His clairvoyanc read more ...
3.49 €
A story of hope
TO THE END OF THE RAINBOW: An Outline (brief) FRAMEWORK I want to engage with the reader (fully) , so that the reader makes CHOICES leading to different paths (please let me or my publisher know which ones YOU would have made in the circumstanc read more ...
1.52 €
Janna, the bright, attractive proprietress of a cafe in Philadelphia's city centre, is unable to form any real commitment with the men she has dated: her most intimate and emotionally satisfying friendships have been with gay men. Her voyeuristic par read more ...
5.30 €
Eiso Publishing
Exploring a cave, Tom finds himself trapped when a series of earthquakes seal the cave entrance. Weeks later he pulls himself out. There is nothing to be seen for miles but ashes. A forest fire? He keeps walking until he finds a sign of civilizatio read more ...
3.06 €
From the bestselling author of Just Remember to Breathe and The Last Hour, a shocking and poignant story of a family on the brink of destruction and the transformational events that could bring them back together—or tear them apart. 
Every day, C read more ...
5.37 €
A Teacher's Story
Karla Spicer finds her position as Senior Teacher at Tui Park Primary School in Wellington, New Zealand's capital, is hindered by the Associate Principal Val Cook, who resents her progressive ideas. Principal Murray Norwood, is an easy-going man drif read more ...
2.88 €
Now a successful principal of a city school in Wellington, New Zealand, Karla Spicer is called in to help as a Change Principal at Tuckett Area School in a remote South Island district. This small school takes pupils from Year I to 13 but has a falli read more ...
1.91 €
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Perhaps the most haunting and tormented love story ever written, Wuthering Heights is the tale of the troubled orphan Heathcliff and his doomed love for Catherine Earnshaw. Published in 1847, the year before Emily B read more ...
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