4:Play: Erotic Short Stories

Author: Jess C Scott
Pages: 261
Language: English
Publication date: 31/03/2011
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A contemporary cocktail of erotic short stories.
4:PLAY captures the deliciousness of sexual fulfillment, the adventure of conquest, and the mystery of unexplored territory.

With a scope and style that is fresh and compelling, 4:PLAY dives into the depths of navigating gender, sexuality, and the lines of desire.

4:PLAY contains 10 stories, and is approximately 81,000 words long.

Stories Include:

1) Black Velvet (casual public sex)
2) Wicked Lovely (step siblings)
3) The Devilin Fey (incubus / paranormal erotic romance)
4) Tongue-Tied (succubus / paranormal erotic romance)
5) New Order (GLBT)
6) Status: Married (lesbian)
7) Oral Fixation (GLBT)
8) The Gift (of a certain proposal/proposition, by a global superstar, to one lucky fan.
9) Appetizers (a choice selection of poems which cater to the palate of erotic delights)
10) 4:Play (gender-bending / bisexuality)

In this anthology you'll get ten of the currently-released '4:Play' short stories--ten stories for less than the price of four if purchased separately.


NOTE: Jess writes erotic fiction, not pornography. Please visit her website for more info -- http://www.jessink.com/porn_vs_erotica.htm


Praise for Jess C Scott's 4:PLAY:

'The stories challenge the reader to see sex, and love through a perspective that is more accepting of others' differences whether it's sexual orientation, or. . .being able to make a choice about who one loves or has sex with.'
-- Charlotte Erotica Examiner, Dec 7, 2009

'These stories are too complex to be called erotic, too creative to be classifiable, too genre-bending to be conventionally published, and far too hot for me to handle.'
-- Joseph Grinton (from U.K.), April 2010

'I can't imagine thousands and millions of people not liking your style. It's unique and yet easily reaches a lot of people.'
-- Mike Fook, author of Thai Black Book

'[This] is erotica with a story...[which] I would much rather read, than one of the many so-called erotic romances that serve as vehicles for written pornography.'
-- Review @ Alternative-Read.com

'Even the shortest stories pay off beautifully...all are welcome here, and every sexuality is celebrated. There are no limitations...just boundaries to be explored.'
-- Sally Sapphire / Amazon review on 'New Order'

EXCERPT (from Story #2, Wicked Lovely):

I felt like an animal, and animals don't know sin, do they?


More Info/Excerpts @ http://jessink.com/4play_full.htm

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Jess identifies herself as an author/artist/non-conformist. Her literary work has appeared in a diverse range of publications, such as Word Riot, ITCH Magazine, and The Battered Suitcase.

Jess writes erotic fiction, not porn, and she writes about love/emotions, not fluffy romance. Jess is currently working on several projects (including The Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy). Visit her website for free samples and more!


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