Pages: 284
Language: English
ISBN: 9783962463519
Publication date: 01/04/2017
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A male teenager yearning for love - sexually and mentally
An author of advanced age encounters a male almost 18-year-old teenager on the little private beach of his lakeside property - not entirely coincidental. The handsome lad visits coming from across the lake, seeking contact in curiosity. It becomes apparent that the boy - in his ostensibly singular behaviour - is socially neglected, looking for a new male caregiver. The writer, liaised to a distinctly younger woman, which is inapparent in the beginning, and the boy slowly make friends with each other - finding out that they're able to talk and deal with each other quite outspokenly. Armas does flourish, the unexpected contact does good to the childless wordsmith as well - professionally and personally. His liaison to the young woman becomes more and more intensive, and the boy, by staying more and more with his new father figure, meets same-aged of both sexes and finally - after painful invectives in the past - his first great love. Being puzzled by a male friend, equally burdened, who is bi-curious, Armas at least won't let himself being led astray from the erotical way he'd chosen. In the end, some big surprise awaits the writer in this dreamlike story. - This tale may encourage all those who can wait for the real, real thing - disregarding age, or what they may have chosen to be good for them. And don't give a damn for prejudices or malicios gossip.
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