Daddy's Fantasy

Daddy's Taboo Tales No.6

Author: Lily Weidner
Pages: 23
Language: English
Publication date: 01/02/2016
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A tale of taboo sex between naughty daughters and their handsome fathers...
DESCRIPTION -- Alana’s wanted to have incestuous sex with her father since she turned eighteen. Unsure of how to confess her secret taboo desires, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Daddy’s sexual attention. When Alana finds Daddy’s hand wandering down her bare legs, can she stop herself from seducing the one man who’s supposed to be off limits and spark the start of something completely forbidden?

EXCERPT -- Alana watched as the movie progressed, surprised to find a heated love scene building on the television screen. Usually she wouldn’t have minded such a hot sex scene, but with her father sitting right next to her the moment couldn’t have been more awkward. The moans filled Alana’s ears, making her all the more aware of her Daddy’s touch.

With a wetness building between her legs, Alana feared her arousal might become obvious. Oh God! What would Daddy do if he found me getting wet from this? He’s never even acknowledged me dating! How could he handle this then? Struggling to get her arousal under control, Alana glanced away from the television screen. To her surprise, the telling silence from her father was only outdone by the fact he was getting noticeably aroused as well. Oh fuck! Daddy’s getting turned on too? I wonder… I wonder if it’s because I’m next to him watching this with him. Could Daddy be getting off to the thought of us doing such things? Biting her lip, Alana decided to press the issue in order to find out for herself.

Shifting her body enough, Alana ensured her father’s hand fell between her legs. With her eyes keeping to the television, she smiled. Daddy isn’t moving his hand. I bet he can’t help it. He’s probably curious too.
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Lily Weidner is an author with an interest for all things taboo.

Combining both personal interests, and sexual experience, she enjoys writing stories that explore the human nature.

Always eager to learn more, she often spends her day seeking out her next experience or learning new opinions.

Exploring the depths of her sexual slavery and submission, her stories are often filled with boundary pushing reads.

Touching on sensitive taboo topics of incest, which explores the family dynamics, the barely legal, dealing with the awakening of sexual urges in younger girls, and BDSM touching of the depths of submission and interactions between men and women, her writing just might excite the mind, as well as sparking a flame of desire with readers.

For Lily, writing the erotic has never been better.

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