Daddy's Naughty Girl

Daddy's Taboo Tales No.2

Author: Lily Weidner
Pages: 23
Language: English
Publication date: 01/02/2016
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A tale of taboo sex between naughty daughters and their handsome fathers...
DESCRIPTION -- April knows she shouldn’t masturbate, but lately she can’t get Daddy out of her mind! When Daddy catches his little girl in the nude, April couldn’t be happier. Seizing the opportunity to seduce her father, April soon gets Daddy to put aside his reservations about taboo sex. Caught in daughter’s forbidden need for father daughter relationship will Daddy be able to satisfy his naughty little girl?

EXCERPT -- Quickly draining her bath, April stepped out of the tub. Pulling a towel around her body, she walked down the hall into the sanctuary of her room. What was I doing in there? Was I about to really do that?

Collapsing down on her bed, the towel around April’s body swung open. With her body once again bare, April found an echo within her thoughts. Was I going to touch myself to the thought of Daddy looking at me? God, I’m so wet from the idea of Daddy staring at my naked body! Feeling a tug toward the direction of her lower body, April ran a curious hand along her outer lips. Even out of the bath, her pussy was slick with early arousal. The initial pleasure of her first touch caused April to gasp, as she found her wetness only increased the deeper her fingers probed.

Oh my God! I’m getting wet from the thought of Daddy! No… no, it’s not the thought of Daddy. Maybe I just want my body to be looked at and seen as beautiful. That must be it!

Feeling her fingers lingering on the outer lips of her sex, April let out a soft moan. Adjusting to gain a comfortable position on her bed, she settled into the idea of needing the stimulating pleasure. Masturbation was a bad habit, she knew that, but still it remained the only way to make the weird sensations cease.

April titled her head back onto the pillow, allowing her mind to wander. As much as she resisted the image, all April could picture was her father. The thought of her Daddy’s hands being run across her warm skin left April squirming to accommodate more of her fingers. Yes! Ohhhh! I bet it would feel so good to have Daddy’s fingers running over my breasts as he looked at them! With her free hand, April began teasing her sensitive nipples. The odd source of pleasure caused her to grind down against her fingers, as April’s moans grew louder.

What if Daddy touched me like this?
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Lily Weidner is an author with an interest for all things taboo.

Combining both personal interests, and sexual experience, she enjoys writing stories that explore the human nature.

Always eager to learn more, she often spends her day seeking out her next experience or learning new opinions.

Exploring the depths of her sexual slavery and submission, her stories are often filled with boundary pushing reads.

Touching on sensitive taboo topics of incest, which explores the family dynamics, the barely legal, dealing with the awakening of sexual urges in younger girls, and BDSM touching of the depths of submission and interactions between men and women, her writing just might excite the mind, as well as sparking a flame of desire with readers.

For Lily, writing the erotic has never been better.

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