Human Sexuality 101

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Publication date: 01/01/2015
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A son finds release for his raging sexual drive with his mother.
DESCRIPTION -- A young boy without a release for his raging sexual drive, and his mother, driven to the extremes of lust... two individuals driven into each others arms. With passions unleashed, they sink deeply into wanton behavior, and get a taste of all those pleasures society forbids. Explore the nether world of sexuality and find out what goes on behind the drawn shutters of our neighbor’s lives.

EXCERPT -- In the first day of my Human Sexuality class, I was captivated by an alluring auburn haired professor whom I guessed to be in her early 30’s. I had never been attracted to redheads before, but Professor Shannon (as she asked us to call her) showcased a svelte, voluptuous figure with white powdery skin that made me want to slowly sink my teeth into. I instantly wanted to find a way to make love to this snowy skinned vixen.

She passed out a simple one-sentence syllabus. There were about 12 of us in her class, and all of us scoffed at the ease of the dreaded syllabus that comes along with any new class. Instead of a page full of academic gobbledygook, there was just one sentence.

“By semester’s end, you shall present an oral dissertation on the failures and accomplishments that incest has had upon human history.”

I heard a few groans of disgust and dislike, but after the shock wore off, graciously stood Professor Shannon.

“Like it or not, incest has been, and will always play a significant role in the story of humanity.” She began. “For those of you who thought this course would be a breeze, then this is your rude awakening. You don’t have to show up, nor will there be any tests or quizzes this semester. Your grade will be based solely upon the presentation you give at the end of the semester. Each of you will have unlimited usage of my library and access to me for any questions you may have. Good luck.”

“Uh wait,” protested a female classmate. “What kind of presentation do you want, like a pro or con talk, or what?”

“That’s up to you,” the professor replied.

“Well I mean, it’s kind of a gross subject, don’t you think?” the student shot back.

“That’s not up to me,” she replied.

“Well,” the student quickly fired back, “it’s nasty and evil.”

“The same could be said about homosexuality,” the professor shot back.

“I’m not talking about anything forced, coerced or against anyone’s will. This concerns two consensual adults and their choices. If you can effectively tell me in a persuasive manner that no one has ever thought of their parents, cousins, or siblings in an erotic way, then this class isn’t for you,” answered the professor.

“I want all of you to go into this with unbiased and a clear mind. This isn’t a platform to pass judgement or reinvent the moral compass. Those of you who can get beyond the initial shock of the subject matter and find out what has drawn humanity to it are guaranteed a passing grade.”

“This is disgusting,” said the student as she leapt up of her seat to storm out of the classroom. “I’m protesting this to the Dean.”

A few other students followed her out the door.

“Good,” the professor replied. “Be sure to show him his signature at the bottom of your syllabus.”
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