Sexual Ambrosia

Author: Lily Weidner
Pages: 165
Language: English
Publication date: 01/03/2015
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The first bite of forbidden fruit tasted sweet...
DESCRIPTION -- Legends speak of Lilith, a woman filled with taboo desire. Banished from Eden, Lilith waits patiently to sexually corrupt her former lover’s daughter. Evette, barely legal with a curious desire for her father, seems the perfect target. What Lilith doesn’t know is that Evette is filled with desire for sexually depraved acts. With Eden at their disposal, what sexual kinks can they secretly explore?

EXCERPT -- The first bite of forbidden fruit tasted sweet, and Evette savored the sweetness with all her being. To describe what ambrosia tastes like would be impossible. For Evette however, it filled her with warmth, a feeling that had never flooded her body so. She collapsed, as though in a sort of ecstasy, her breathing however continued its quickening. Under the Tree of Life, her body began to flood with a fire, one that seemed to run through her very blood. Her mind spun, her breathing grew shallow, and yet she gripped strands of grass through her fingers. The intensity of this heat, this ecstasy, caused Evette to dig up dirt as she gripped the ground.

For Evette, the ecstasy finally came to a standstill. Her body neither increased in pleasure, nor decreased in it, she was, suddenly trapped in her stage of high arousal. The fact Evette had never known a man, plagued heavily on her mind. Had she ever known one, the pleasure she felt could be abetted, or at the very least, she’d have known what she needed. Now though, without knowing one, especially in her tender age, her desire was locked into place. She had no choice but to lay in the cool grass, the sun warming her skin, and no one to cool the heat having risen in her body. Poor Evette lay there for hours, hoping the heat in her body would diminish.

In the solitude of her mind, there had always existed certain thoughts that plagued her. She could look around the garden, and know her fate quite clearly. There were few of them in Eden, despite God’s command. For now, Evette would have no choice of mate, no man to warm her blood further. If she truly desired this, Adam would have to be her choice. How could she do such a thing though? Her mind had never allowed her to answer this question, though there was plenty of ways to do so. No, for Evette, the principle had always mattered more than curiosity. Things were different now, with her sudden profound taste of ambrosia.

For once in Evette’s young life, she was experiencing the pains of lust. The thoughts she had of Adam filled her mind, growing in intensity. Her delicate fingers found their way down her body, though she tried to will them to stop. Unsuccessful at making her fingers stop, she lay there in the grass trying to discover her own body’s taste. There was a strange moment for Evette, when her mind finally let go of all the worry. In this moment, there was only her desire, her need, and her need was rising to the surface quite quickly. Evette’s fingers had found their way down her smooth skin, teasing her body with the idea of further touching.

With her eyes shut tight, Evette allowed her fingers to delve further down her body. She found herself wet, the sticky nature of her wetness intriguing her. Gathering some on her fingers, she took in the aroma of her arousal. The scent of it drove her to part her lips, as she hesitantly ran the wetness across her lips. With a slow, nervous flick of her tongue, she tasted for herself, the first moments of a woman’s arousal. The taste filled her with a sudden lust, as the taste seemed to echo that of ambrosia. In her heat, her touch suddenly became more distinct, less hesitant. Taking her time, Evette began to explore the depths of her wetness. To her surprise, there was an amazing way to which her body seemed to increase in its wetness.
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Lily Weidner is an author with an interest for all things taboo.

Combining both personal interests, and sexual experience, she enjoys writing stories that explore the human nature.

Always eager to learn more, she often spends her day seeking out her next experience or learning new opinions.

Exploring the depths of her sexual slavery and submission, her stories are often filled with boundary pushing reads.

Touching on sensitive taboo topics of incest, which explores the family dynamics, the barely legal, dealing with the awakening of sexual urges in younger girls, and BDSM touching of the depths of submission and interactions between men and women, her writing just might excite the mind, as well as sparking a flame of desire with readers.

For Lily, writing the erotic has never been better.

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