Stripped Naked by a Stranger in the Park

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Publication date: 11.10.2013
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girl stripped naked by hot billionaire in the park and made orgasm
How would you feel if a handsome billionaire stranger began stripping you naked as you sunbathed in the park? Would you complain? Would you play along with his game? How far would you dare to bare and share your shame? Would be a good girl and put out your sensual flame? Or give in to your own weakness – desire and mischief – and enjoy the box of chocolates and all its surprises that life just gave you?

Choose life ;)

Strolling along the tarmac in her general direction was the most perfect looking god she ever set eyes upon. Maria never usually went for the corporate type but he was irresistibly perfectly handsome. His aquiline nose and perfect facial symmetry were beset with hawk eyes redolent with power. His gaze took in everything, that wide and healthy mouth, his square jawline above broad shoulders on his six foot frame – every muscle toned and lean – then he looked at her looking at him. His wavy mouse brown hair was waxed back and his forehead glistened in the heat, his hawk eyebrows locked straight onto her gaze. Maria felt her heart skip a beat and her face break an involuntary smile. Surely a corporate god wouldn't be interested in a hippy girl like her?

Am I hoping he would?

Impossible. Not my type. I'm definitely not his. Nothing in common. Wouldn't be fun.

Would it?

Was she thinking about it?

Yes. [...]

The god smirked and looked her straight in the eye, then tugged the fabric back. His hands were too strong to resist and she giggled desperately trying to cover herself, drawing her knees up as she looked around hoping nobody noticed.

'It's better this way, trust me – and the weather is too beautiful for you to hide your beautiful body.' He smirked.

'Good point.' Maria thought. The idea of going naked in the park always endeared her – and she did sunbathe on nudist beaches before.

'Ok...' She smiled again. She was getting tinglier inside, her clitoris was beginning to fume. Her breathing got shallow and quickened at the thought of it – it was thrilling yet terrifying.

'Just lay back and let me undress you. Be a good girl now.' He smiled warmly, his voice was soothing yet naughty. His big hand gently pushed against her chest, easing her back onto the blanket. He straightened her arms and legs with his firm yet gentle hands then parted the sarong fully before tugging it.

'Raise your bum please.' He teased. Maria bit her lip and obeyed. He pulled the sarong away completely and put it in her carrier bag. She felt surprisingly naked in just her purple panties and tank top [..]

'Oh please let me have my panties back,' Maria whimpered 'we can go back to my place, it's not far from here.'

'We'll go back to your place later, after I've seen you naked, and finished teasing you here.' The gods face was still, only a slight grin expressing pure sexual menace – the man loved to tease and couldn't be rushed. This weakened her resolve more than his physical strength or good looks. It simply made her want his lingering attention even more. Yet still... [...]
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I am a libertine for whom all philosophy and religion must be centered around sexual pleasure and liberation! :)

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