The Norfolk Hall Girls

Author: Shauna Willets
Pages: 143
Language: English
Publication date: 29/05/2012
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Life on the Manor is good... If you happen to be a woman
It’s 1960’s England and life on the Manor is good – if you happen to be a woman.

Has there ever been a sorrier collection of men than Lord Richard (“Big Dick”) Norfolk and the male employees of Norfolk Hall. By the time you’ve read of their treatment at the hands of the halls serving girls, stable lasses and Lady Isobel Norfolk herself you’ll be in no doubt.

During that time before flower power, when government ministers would actually resign if caught with a call-girl, Lord Richard Norfolk walks a tightrope between rampant promiscuity and public shame. Already having had his bacon saved after impregnating a local girl by his wife, “Big Dick”, as he is known to the stable-girls, takes one step too far to find himself at the mercy of Lady Isobel and her cook who are about to insist he receive the same treatment at their hands as the rest of the Hall’s male employees.

A state of affairs that provides a glorious opportunity for the two devious and sadistic stable girls, Foxey and Vixen.
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