The Place (Adult Erotica)

Author: Heidi Deepkiss
Pages: 137
Language: English
Publication date: 01/10/2016
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Read this taboo tale of The Place
This taboo erotic novel is so sexy that we can't tell you about all the things in store for you in this blurb. Check out the 'Free Excerpt' below for all the sexy details!

THEY WERE MAKING love for the third time in three hours.

The little blonde was clawing crazily at the muscular male as she oscillated in wild abandon.

Arching her scented body, groaning and squirming, Betty met each of Bill's forays with feral avidity.

Her uninhibitedness was quite exceptional, he thought. It was as if she were challenging his manhood. Perhaps what she was doing was meant as a test of his sexual powers, as if she could discover by his sustained performance if he were no longer consorting with other females-that he had saved all of his potency for her. And, if he could measure up to the test, perhaps she might continue the show of reconciliation she had begun with earlier in the evening.

Betty was breathing gustily. He watched her breasts rising and falling in tortured cadence. She groaned and began to roll her head from side to side. He grinned and tantalized her. He gloated as she shuddered and whimpered.

He was winning, he thought. He was winning. And he took her again.

Suddenly his whole body rocked at the summit. Both man and woman were now knotted in throbbing ecstasy.

A fanfare of triumph blared in his mind. He had made it, he thought-he was her master. He had, at length, passed the test....


Warning: This ebook contains explicit and forbidden descriptions of taboo sexual activity. It may include themes or elements of taboo, forbidden, and adult topics. It is intended for open minded mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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An Erotic Master
Tags: Erotica

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