Trophy Mom

Author: E.R.O. Scott
Pages: 146
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/2012
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What happens when you overdose on a sex drug for women?
DESCRIPTION -- Joan is the head research chemist at a pharmaceutical company who decides to personally test her new drug, Aphrodite, a true aphrodisiac for women. Unfortunately, a dosage miscalculation causes her sexual desire to grow out of control. At home after work, her sons invite Mom to join them for a dip in the pool. She does. Her sons end up providing the most intense fun she’s ever experienced.

EXCERPT -- GynaDyne had just received permission from the FDA to start human trials on Aphrodite and Joan was in charge of the process of setting up trial protocols. So what Joan was about to do wasn’t in any sense illegal but, as the head chemist, it was frowned upon for her to be the first guinea pig.

Joan shrugged and smiled. Oh well, she told herself, it’s unlikely if the Board of Directors finds out what I’ve done that they’ll fire me. If her first dosing didn’t work the way she hoped it would then she could adjust it and try it again at home.

Setting the vial down on her desk, she went out to the lab to get a milligram scale. Back in her office she looked at the notes that her secretary had transcribed and printed out for her. Joan turned on the digital scale and placed a one-quarter inch square of sterile absorbent paper on it, then she tared the scale until it was zeroed out. Next she opened the vial and, using a minute dropper, added sixty milligrams of the drug. It was a small amount but, according to her calculations, it should be the correct dose for mildly enhancing her libido.

Joan picked the bit of paper up off the scale, looked at it, then popped it in her mouth. She then drank what was left of the coffee in her cup on the desk. She often drank her coffee cold, being caught up in her work and letting it cool to room temperature. She was used to it, even liked it that way sometimes. She put the scale away back in the lab. Joan hadn’t noticed any particular taste from the drug, not that she was expecting any.

She figured it would be about twenty to thirty minutes for the drug to take effect. Fifteen minutes later she felt warm and realized she was squeezing her thighs together rhythmically. She also felt that familiar wet feeling in her vagina that meant sexual arousal.

“Oh yeah,” Joan said out loud. “Mmmm!” She placed her hands on her 32C breasts, which at five feet, two inches tall and 108 pounds, looked really good on her. At age forty-five she was still a good-looking woman who took care of herself physically.

Joan had always had sensitive breasts. Now she squeezed them with her hands relishing their firm softness and feeling the hard nubs of her even more sensitive and now aroused nipples through the material of her white silk blouse and lightweight brassiere. Her body gave a shudder of pleasure as she squeezed her pussy particularly hard between her thighs while her hands firmly kneaded her breasts.

“Whew! This is coming on faster and harder than I thought it would. I need to go back over my calculations to see if I missed something.”
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I am retired and living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Central California. I started writing erotic fantasies for my own pleasure years ago and have now taken the steps necessary to get them published. I hope you enjoy them.

I style myself as a rational hedonist, which means that the pursuit of pleasure is a good thing in and of itself, but sometimes the chores have to be done first. To put it another way, if you don't take care of necessary business your pleasure may become your pain. I write mostly incest fantasies and they are pure sexual escapist literature. I call them fantasies because in fantasies everything comes out the way you want it to, and in my stories everyone ends up happy and satisfied, unlike much of real life.

I also writes opinion pieces, from time-to-time, at my blog Eklektik. There, I write about anything from diet to weather to sex to politics and, especially, about the so-called war on drugs, and always with a bias towards the principle of inalienable rights. I define inalienable rights as follows:

"Any and all non-violent, non-coercive, non-larcenous, consensual adult behavior that does not physically harm other people or their property or directly and immediately endangers same, that does not disturb the peace or create a public nuisance, and that is done in private, especially on private property, is the inalienable right of all adults. In a truly free and liberty-loving society, ruled by a secular government, no laws should be passed to prohibit such behavior. Any laws now existing that are contrary to the above definition of inalienable rights are violations of the rights of adults and should be made null and void."

That would include, of course, consensual adult incest behavior.

Due to the many laws in America prohibiting honest, peaceful consensual adult behavior, America has become the number one jailer in the world. That is a sad commentary for a nation that calls itself the land of liberty. As Nietzsche said: "Mistrust those in whom the urge to punish is strong."

Finally, in case you were curious, I have never had an incestuous relationship.

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