Volume 2

Jimmy Boom Semtex Erotic Short Stories

Pages: 62
Series: Erotic Short Stories (vol. 2)
Language: English
Publication date: 04/07/2021
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Jimmy Boom Semtex Erotic Short Stories Volume 2 of hot adult erotic short stories.
Hot, Fiery and Molten. This is Jimmy Boom Semtex's new erotic ebook featuring three adult stories: Banana Nana is about a young lady called Janice and her love of the humble banana. Find out what she does with them; Moving East is about a tough guy called Gertrude (when in drag) who moves away from his boring hometown to Witches' Elbow. He likes drinking, fighting, sex and being in drag; Older Lady is about a 40 something cultured lady called Larnaca. She enjoys making love to younger men especially when she travels. Over 18s only due to adult content.

Hell Fire Fairies. Meet Nigel and Stacy, an alternative English couple in their thirties. Both are very much in love and enjoy intimacy and making love. They plan on getting married in a pretty hand fasting ceremony in the near future. Both exchange wedding vows to one another while making love. The only thing needed is to make it official by the High Priestess during a magic ritual. What could go wrong?

Gothic Sunrise. In a rough northern town called Renford, a gothic music event is taking place in the premier goth club. With over a dozen bands, cool music, all you can drink and an awesome atmosphere, who wants to miss this party? Join Rolo, Denise, Sandra and friends as they see the live bands, drink, get merry, make love and live your life. All inhibitions are cast aside as the bands battle for ascendancy in the Goth War music event. Turn it up to 13. Held once a year. Will you be there?

It Doesn’t Snow In November. This short story is about a pair of goth girls and what they get up to at weekend. From getting a tattoo, visiting a lover, going to music pubs and a goth/metal club, these young ladies know how to have fun. Originally written in 2005, It Doesn't Snow In November has been released as a free download a decade on. Written in the fast paced live now style, it's a story as relevant now as then.

Parody of the Dog. For adults only. This story is a satire based upon current events.
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