Whipped Crème

Author: Lily Weidner
Pages: 36
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2015
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After years of dating with no sex to speak of, Heather’s had enough...
DESCRIPTION -- Heather’s lesbian relationship with Ashley is far from ordinary. After years of dating with no sex to speak of, Heather’s had enough. Giving her sexually adventurous girlfriend an ultimatum, Heather soon finds more to Ashley than meets the eye. Seeing an opportunity to win the bet of a lifetime, Ashley prepares to bare all. In this gender bending erotic tale, just what depraved sex acts lay ahead?

EXCERPT -- “I’m not sure that’s a good idea Heather. I’ll probably start something I’d regret.”
Shocked by her girlfriend’s words, Heather suddenly fumed with anger. She couldn’t believe Ashley’s audacity to say that to her. After all the years they’d spent dating having no intimacy between them whatsoever. Now Ashley was telling her she’d regret starting something? Fed up with Ashley’s behavior Heather started weighing her options. Coming to only one conclusion Heather pinned Ashley’s body against the counter.

“Heather? Heather! Don’t do-”

Ashley felt her words quickly cut off with a kiss she’d put off for years. The sensation of Heather’s lips finally meeting her own dismissed all other thoughts. Despite herself, Ashley reached up pulling Ashley’s body closer against her own. Feeling the warmth of her girlfriend’s body drove Ashley’s further desire. Instantly forgetting all else Ashley began kissing Heather deeper. Parting her lips, Ashley soon invaded Heather’s mouth with her tongue tasting the sweetness of strawberry juice on Heather’s lips.

“God you taste so good!”

Moaning from Ashley’s words Heather began earnestly exploring her girlfriend’s body. Having waited so long to do so, the warmth of Ashley’s skin against hers drove the wetness building between her legs. Taking Ashley’s hand, Heather lowered it to the pool of arousal between her legs. Making the other girl moan Heather quickly kissed down Ashley’s neck.

“Touch me, please touch me. I want to feel your fingers inside me.”

“God! Heather I-I…”

Reaching up Ashley felt Heather pulling her panties off to the side. The fabric dug into her fingers, but didn’t deter Ashley. Slowly inserting her fingers deep into Heather’s wet sex both girls moaned. The wetness coating Ashley’s fingers heightening her arousal beyond the point of stopping.

“You like being penetrated don’t you?”

“Y-yes! Y-yes I do! Please penetrate me!”

Unable to believe what she’d just said, Heather disappointingly felt Ashley’s fingers fall from her wet sex.

“Please don’t stop! I want to feel your fingers filling me!”

Ashley smiled having no intentions of stopping. Much to Heather’s embarrassment Ashley began licking her fingers tasting the wetness of Heather’s sex. Taking her time to lick up and then slowly down her fingers Ashley then took a strawberry from the bag. Knowing it was cold, Ashley sucked on the tip of the strawberry before looking at Heather.

“Pull down your panties.”

Gasping at the sight of her girlfriend holding the strawberry between her fingers Heather looked worriedly at Ashley. Unsure if she truly meant for Heather to pull down her panties, Heather shook her head. Worried about appearing too sexual or too needy Heather just stood there looking wide eyed at the strawberry in Ashley’s hand.


Smiling from Heather’s sudden nervousness Ashley didn’t back down from her request. In the long run, she knew that Heather would enjoy the sensation of the strawberry being inserted inside her. All Ashley had to do was convince Heather she intended to do exactly what the girl anticipated.

“Bend over and pull down your panties.”
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Lily Weidner is an author with an interest for all things taboo.

Combining both personal interests, and sexual experience, she enjoys writing stories that explore the human nature.

Always eager to learn more, she often spends her day seeking out her next experience or learning new opinions.

Exploring the depths of her sexual slavery and submission, her stories are often filled with boundary pushing reads.

Touching on sensitive taboo topics of incest, which explores the family dynamics, the barely legal, dealing with the awakening of sexual urges in younger girls, and BDSM touching of the depths of submission and interactions between men and women, her writing just might excite the mind, as well as sparking a flame of desire with readers.

For Lily, writing the erotic has never been better.

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