Three Millions Barrels of Blood

A vetarn's account of the Biafran Civil War

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Publication date: 01/04/2018
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The challenges of Igbo civillians during the 30-months civil war
About the book
The book is a dreary story, a tragicomedy of a teenager whose parents, only sister and clan’s people were slaughtered in the genocide against his tribe. A war ensued from the pogrom; he enlisted in the army to avenge the killing of his loved ones and compatriots. He was on guard’s duty where prisoners of war were incarcerated and spotted among them, the cruel landlord who incited the mob that slain his parents. On the persuasion of the angel who appeared to him in a trance, he freed the murderer and as a consequence was sentenced to death with by the high command of his tribe’s army.
Of the two marksmen assigned to execute them, one refused to shot him on discovering he was his blood brother. The execution was halted and the condemned duo was sent to the fiercest battle by the General Officer Commanding their army. In the epic battle, to save their lives, they deliberately shot themselves on the foot and arm respectively and were stretchered out for treatment. The war ended and he unrolled in the school to complete his studies but was expelled for using counterfeit money to pay his school fees. Eking out a living in the city as a street beggar he fell in love with a young girl who turned out to be the only daughter of the man that killed his parents and whom he freed from death row which earned him a death sentence. The man gave him his daughter in marriage and bequeathed the ownership of a multi-dollar company to them. The orphan answered a pastoral call as the shepherd of his mega church. The murderer of his parents, now his father in-law abandoned his religion and turned to Christianity where he believed the God of forgiveness dwells.
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The author of this book is a freelance writer, current affairs analyst, social scientist and a solicitor. He researched the religious and sociopolitical crisis between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East and around the globe pre and post 1948 and till the present. He was a columnist and features writer for some Chinese English-speaking Newspapers and Tabloids including the Chinese Morning Post. He authored these seminal books, Narcotics and Terrorism - causes, effects and remedies, ISBN 78-055-840-3 published by Galaxy Publishers Nigeria; Terrorism -a global scourge, ISBN 1-4259-0530-7 by AuthorHouse Publishers, Indiana, USA; The Prophet In The Forest, by CreateSpace, Amazon USA and co-authored The Twelve Killer Diseases. He's internationally-minded well traveled and is expecting his next books International Laws and Terrorism and The Sweet Poison. Currently he heads a Houston Texas based Non Governmental Organization - Global Network Against Terrorism which writes against terrorism and terror related activities. His email address is:

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